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If you are an aspiring innkeeper looking for a bed and breakfast for sale or an innkeeper planning to sell your B&B or country inn, why not work with a broker who is nationally recognized? The companies listed on this site provide brokerage services specializing in matching innkeepers with the ideal property for them. Whether you want to purchase a bed and breakfast inn, small hotel, rustic lodge, or rental cottage, professional inn brokers can assist the aspiring innkeepers identify the right property, locate the best financing, and help you prepare a business plan.

If you are an inn broker and wish to list your services on this site, or if you are an innkeeper who would like to place a for sale by owner listing on this site, please visit our Policies page.

Are you seeking an employment opportunity in the hospitality industry? Are you an aspiring innkeeper looking for real-world experience and practical, on the job training at an already established inn? Visit our Employment page to search for job opportunities in the bed and breakfast, travel and tourism industries. Perhaps you are a bed and breakfast owner looking for reliable employees to staff your inn. Advertise your job listing with us and widen the circle of qualified candidates seeking employment at your establishment.

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Home | Hospitality Resources | Advertise On This Site | Employment | Inn Brokers | Site Policies

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